Tartastic Family


Snap! You just captured a smile- inducing, unfiltered tart wheat ale. New Belgium’s affinity for sour beers led to Tartastic Lemon Ginger Sour, which begins as an everyday wheat until we blend in a healthy portion of Lacto-soured wort to pucker it up into a unique, citrusy tart treat.

Tartastic Lemon Ginger Sour



4.5% ABV 12 IBUs

Brewed with wheat, Snapshot pours a hazy, lemon,-yellow with bright-white lacing, while additions of citrusy Cascade hops, fruity Coriander and Grains of Paradise draw out the beer’s juicy lemon notes for a playfully refreshing bite.

Brace yourself for the flash of tart: Tartastic Lemon Ginger Sour is ready for its close-up.

Tartastic Raspberry Lime Ale


4.2% ABV 8 IBU

Brewed with raspberry and lime purees for an irresistibly playful sweet-tart sip that’ll put a smile on your face every time.

Tartastic Strawberry Lemon  Ale


4.2% ABV 8 IBU

A delightful combination of strawberry and lemon purees fill the senses with an enticing balance of sweet and sour fruit.




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