Aldus Brewing Company

American Blonde Ale

ABV 6.0%| IBUS 20

A smooth, easy drinking light in color ale. This is the Quintessential American Beer. We crafted the recipe over the last few years to be a perfect stepping stone into the craft beer industry.

Arrow Matic Amber

ABV 7%| IBUS 57

It’s all about the aroma. We worked hard to create an IPA that celebrates our hop’s wonderful nose. While it is just as much an IPA with its bold bitter notes, a well balanced malt presence keeps this IPA nice and smooth.

Jason Hates It!

ABV 6.2%|IBUS 44

Encompassing the heart of a west coast IPA with the soul of an east coast IPA. Bursting with fruity notes, all this hoppy goodness is perfectly balanced with a smooth malt charter to create a beer even Jason himself, will enjoy!

Driving Me Nuts!


ABV 6.3%| IBUS 31

Beginning with flavors of caramelized sugar and sweet hazelnut praline, ending with a coffee cream and sugar finish. Undertones of caramel and dark chocolate shine through from the base style of this beer.

Pretzel Wheat


ABV 6.5%|IBUS 9

Smells like a pretzel, tastes like a pretzel, drinks like a beer. From the pretzel center of the universe we bring you Aldus Pretzel Wheat Ale. Packed with Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel flavor with slight notes of salt, and ends with a crisp lager-like finish.

Orange Crushsicle


ABV 7%|IBUS 12

One pound of tangerine puree per gallon of beer. With little hop character, the sweetness comes from a background hint of creamy vanilla. The familiar taste of an Orange Creamsicle Popsicle you remember from when you were younger, only this is the adult version!

Red Flannel Logger


ABV 5.25%|IBUS 28

This lager wraps you up with a warm, burly, malt flavor and balanced hop aroma. Bold, sweet and toasty notes of hardy grain flavors lead to a mild bitter, dry finish.

Holy Frijoles Mocha Ale

Limited Release

ABV 5%|IBUS 20

Beans, Beans & more Beans! This ale was brewed with La Colombe whole coffee beans, Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Cocoa. This brew has a big coffee punch up front with a smooth chocolaty finish.

Bounce Berry Lager

Limited Release


Cranberry, key lime, tangerine, and a hint of lactose to add sweetness. Think of a beer Cosmo, clocking in at 9.0% ABV. Lightly fruited with a tart punch at the end!

Sour Apple

Limited Release

ABV 6ish%|IBUS 5

Codex of the Wild Orchard~Barrel Aged Sour Series: Sour Apple. So simple but furrowed with complexity. Our Sour Apple Ale brings essences of cider, maple and bourbon glazed apples. Barrel aging for over 8 months with wild yeast gives this sour ale an exotic, nuanced flavor.

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