Duclaw Varieties and Seasonals

Seasonals and Variety Packs Available

Seasonals include:

Sweet Baby Javasbjava

6.5%ABV 53 IBU

Coffee Stout

Winter Seasonal

Our single bestselling beer of all time, Sweet Baby Jesus! Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, Hop Gunned with cold-steeped, whole bean espresso to infuse it’s iconic, lightly sweet chocolate and peanut butter flavor and aroma with warm notes of coffee… without any additional bitterness! One sip of Sweet Baby Java and you’ll wonder, “Where has this bean all my life?”.

Haze of Gloryhog

This medium-bodied New England IPA delivers a juicy, hazy squeeze to your palate at a 6.3% ABV. Balanced citrus burst and hop haze show we ain’t no young gun when it comes to IPAs or juicy beers. Let it give your tongue a squeeze, and go out in a haze of glory.

Strawberry Letter 23straw23

ABV 7.1

Named after the popular hit, ‘Strawberry Letter 23,’ this brew blurs the lines between IPA, Sour Ale, and Fruited Ale. Brewed with Lactose, London Ale III yeast, Mosaic Lupilin Powder, soured with Lactobacillus Delbrueckii, and fermented on top of ripe Strawberries: This brew is super unique and you won’t want to miss it!

Citra Snuggy

Limited Release

8.3%ABV 38 IBU

Wrap yourself in the pillowy mouthfeel of flaked oats and tropical goodness in Citra Snuggy. This medium-bodied Double IPA will bring all the best of Citra hops with notes of Mango, Pineapple and Stonefruit followed by low notes of Grapefruit and a touch of Lime. Enjoy!

Spruce Willis

Limited Release

8.2%ABV 50 IBU

An explosive, hoppy double IPA with piney, resiny bursts from the spruce, and pops of wintergreen, mango, grapefruit and pine-like notes from the hops. The last thing this beer wants is to be a hero, but it doesn’t have a choice.


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